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Frequently asked questions

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds for a project, cause, or business by collecting small contributions from a large number of individuals or organizations, typically via the internet. In our case, we are raising funds in small contributions from a large number of individuals to produce a film called Marmaanuvu.

Does this mean the film has no producer?

That is untrue. This film’s production duties will be overseen by Venkatesh Maha under his production house.

Contrary to popular belief, a producer’s role is not to just raise money and invest in a film. Rather, a film producer plays a pivotal role in the creation of a movie, overseeing the project from its conceptual stages to its final release. Producers are responsible for securing financing, assembling the creative team, managing budgets, and ensuring the smooth execution of all aspects of production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. They also play a critical role in decision-making processes, from script selection and casting to marketing and distribution strategies. Essentially, a film producer serves as the driving force behind a movie, working to bring the vision of the project to life while balancing the practical and financial aspects of filmmaking.

Is this a donation?

Marmaanuvu is not a not-for-profit project, and therefore the funds you provide will not be seen as a donation but will be considered as a Contribution.


A Contribution typically implies giving something, often in the form of money, effort, or resources, to support a cause, project, organization, or group. Contributions can be voluntary or mandatory, and they are often associated with a sense of participation, involvement, or collaboration. In business or finance, a contribution can also refer to an individual or capital towards a specific endeavor.


A donation specifically refers to the act of giving something, typically money or goods, to a charitable organization, cause, or individual without expecting any direct financial benefit or return. Donations are usually voluntary and motivated by altruism, philanthropy, or a desire to support a charitable or humanitarian purpose. Unlike contributions, donations are typically associated with acts of goodwill and generosity rather than participation or collaboration.

Can I get a Tax Exemption for contributing?

No. Since it is a Contribution that is being made and not a donation, the amount is not exempt from taxation and does not come under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Will I get my funds back?

As described in the Rewards for each Contribution bracket, monetary benefits are only available to Contributions of 10 lakhs and above. Each bracket holds varying monetary rewards, details of which can be found here. Under no circumstances will the funds be returned to the Contributors, unless the Organizer decides to do so.


What if I want to withdraw my contribution?

You cannot. A contribution, once made, cannot be withdrawn. This rule applies to all contributors during all phases of the film, including pre-production, production, post-production, and post-release. For contributors in relevant contribution brackets (10 lakhs and above), the funds will be returned as part of the rewards, and this amount cannot be withdrawn prematurely. The Organizer holds all the rights to decide the date the funds will be returned.

Will I receive an acknowledgement/receipt for my contribution?

Once contribution is confirmed by our accounting team, an acknowledgment email containing the contributor’s name, the amount of Contribution and the list of applicable rewards will be sent to the Contributor’s registered email. 

Why do you need my Aadhar and PAN card details?

Details and documents procured from all the contributors are for legal and identification purposes only. The Organizer pledges to maintain secrecy and to not share contributors’ details with any external entities. 

When will I receive my rewards?

All rewards are subject to availability relevant to the stage of production the film is in. For example, rewards such as a 'downloadable digital poster with Venkatesh Maha's signature' will be available at an earlier stage, while rewards such as a 'Mystery Merchandise Pack' and 'Private Screening Passes' will be available during the pre-release promotions of the film.

How will I receive my rewards?

Rewards that can be digitally distributed will be made available either on the website or will be sent to your registered email. Physical rewards will either be delivered to the Contributor’s doorstep or be handed out during the various events Contributors are invited to.

How do I contribute in slots that are not available, for example, 35,000?

Individuals willing to contribute an amount that does not exist in a predetermined slot/bracket can choose multiple slots to make the desired contribution. In such cases, the contributors will be eligible for rewards pertaining to all the slots they choose. For example, an individual willing to make a contribution of 35,000 Rupees can pick 1x25,000 Rupee slots and 1x10,000 Rupee slots. This Contributor therefore will receive rewards designed for both, the 25,000 Rupee slot as well as, the 10,000 Rupee slot. 

I made a contribution by mistake and want to cancel/amend it. Can I do that?

A contribution once made cannot be amended or annulled. Kindly check the slots you pick and double-check your cart before proceeding to the payment page. Any discrepancies will be considered as an act of negligence from the contributors, and The Organizer or any of their team members will not be responsible for this.

Can multiple people be credited for a single contribution?

We accept contributions only from individuals and do not entertain multiple Contributors for a single Contribution. In the instance multiple individuals want to contribute, they must form an entity through which the contributions can be made. If the above condition is bypassed, only the Contributor whose Aadhar and PAN details are provided will be considered as the sole Contributor.

Can I pay in installments?

We do not accept Contributions in installments. Any Contributor who wishes to make multiple contributions over time towards one price bracket will only be considered for the individual slots they have contributed for. For example: An individual contributing four 25,000 Rupee slots overtime will be eligible for four sets of rewards designed for the 25,000 Rupee slots but not the rewards designed for the 1 Lakh Rupees Slot.  Kindly be careful when making contributions and carefully check the slots that you are adding to your cart. Any discrepancies will be considered as an act of negligence from the Contributors, and The Organizer or any of its team members will not be responsible for this.

Can I resell the merchandise/memorabilia provided?

Any merchandise/memorabilia provided to the contributors is strictly as a token of gratitude and shall not be used for commercial sale. Reselling the merchandise/memorabilia is prohibited, and stringent legal action will be taken against the perpetrators.

Can I resell/send someone else in my stead for the premiers and private screenings?

Yes. Contributors may send friends and family in their stead for the premiers and private screenings and other events, provided the attendee has the unique code provided to the contributors on the pass. Reselling of these tickets/passes is prohibited, and any individuals who partake in such activities will be liable for stringent legal action.

Do I have to pay the shipping charges for the rewards?

No. The shipping charges will be borne by The Organizer.

What alternatives are planned for contributors living overseas for events such as the Red Carpet?

For contributors residing in countries other than India, online interactions and special shows/events are planned in some of the major countries. Please refer to the Rewards page for further details.

I am an overseas contributor, can I contribute in my local currency?

No. Unfortunately, individuals residing in countries other than India cannot contribute in their local currency. We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your support. We have Indian payment portals and UPI portals available that make the transactions easy. We request you to kindly check them out.

Do I have any intellectual property rights over the film and its related art?

No Contributor, regardless of the amount of their contributions, holds any Intellectual Property Rights on the film or any elements of the film. All the Intellectual Property Rights pertaining to the film are retained by the filmmakers and the partners of The Organizer. Any individual claiming otherwise or using the IP of the film without the filmmaker’s consent will be subjected to stringent legal action.

Can I get a refund if I do not like the film or find any of its elements offensive?

No. The filmmakers are not liable to meet any contributors’ requirements. Therefore, no refunds will be allocated to any individuals on the basis of the content of the film.

Will I get regular updates on the making of the film?

Yes. All relevant updates pertaining to the film’s making stages will be posted on the websites. These updates can be accessed even by the general public.

What will I be credited as, for my contribution?

All contributors within the brackets of 500 Rupees to 1 Lakh Rupees will be credited in the end credits. All contributors between 10 Lakh Rupees to 1 Crore Rupees will be credited in the opening credits.

How long will the completion of the film take?

The film is expected to take a minimum of 18 months for completion. It is important to note that the Organizer does not guarantee the completion, success, or outcome of the film project as a result of the Campaign. Contributors must acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances, industry challenges, and creative considerations may impact the project's progress.

Can I team up with other contributors to enter into a higher contribution bracket?

No, once an individual makes a contribution in a specific slot, they will be considered for that slot alone, and rewards will be provided only for that slot. Any contributors willing to partner up need to do so before making individual contributions.

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